Sunday, October 03, 2004

Vending machines at best prices

vending machines at best prices

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Vending machines for Sale BEST PRICES! Gumball, Candy, Snack, Capsule, Sticker, and Change Machines. Vending Business Info, Gumball Machines, Candy Machines, Capsule Machines, Sticker Machines, Bulk Vending Machines, Snack Machines, Drink Machines. Manufacturers like Seaga, Beaver, Carousel, Ultravends, more. Supplies; Gumballs, Bulk Candy, Stickers, Capsules, Super Bouncy Balls, Nuts, Mints, Gum. Route Business Supplies for Gumball Vending, Candy Vending, Capsule Vending, Sticker Vending. Wholesale Vending Machine Manufacturers

America's #1 Wholesale Manufacturers Distributor of Vending Machines and Route Supplies
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Note: 1.1" capsules can vend from a standard 1" gumball vending wheel. That same 1" wheel will vend 27mm superballs as well.

To vend 2" capsuled items and 49mm bouncy balls a capsule machine is needed. 2" capsule machines will also vend 45mm vending products.

We offer a great selection of hot vending items for 1.1" and 2" vendors.

Empty vending capsules are available in bulk as well. Please scroll down the page to choose your needed items.

Again, 1.1", 27mm-28mm items will vend from virtually all 1" gumball machines or small toy capsule machines. Once you go above 1.3" or so in diameter you need an actual capsule machine. Commonly referred to as a 2" 123vending.com

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

123vending.com, America's Vending SuperSite BEST PRICES! over 600 vending machines and the largest selection of vending machine supplies; gumballs, candy, nuts, stickers, capsules, superballs, boucey balls, mints, gum, and more! 123vending.com, America's Vending SuperSite BEST PRICES! over 600 vending machines and the largest selection of vending machine supplies; gumballs, candy, nuts, stickers, capsules, superballs, boucey balls, mints, gum, and more!

There are three kinds of vending wheels; Gumball, Candy, Capsule.

The GUMBALL Vending Wheel is for 1” Gumballs, 27mm Superballs, or for vending 1.1” toy Capsules, Ping Pong Balls, and any other 1“ Item.

The CANDY Vending Wheel is fully adjustable and can vend candies of various sizes, nuts, petting zoo feeds, gum, and small gumballs.

The CAPSULE Vending Wheel can vend the larger 2” Capsules or the 45mmm or 49mm Bouncy SuperBalls.


On our site we offer various coin mechanisms on different machines.

The Following Machines Come Standard with a 25c Coin Mechanism; The Gold or Chrome Series, The Millennia Machines, The Round Globe Machines, The Quad, The Sure Vend / Ultra Vend, The All Metal Triplevend, The Rocket, The Spirals, The Gas Pumps.

The Following Machines Come Standard with 50c Coin Mechanisms; The Capsule Machines, The Mechanical Snack & Drink Machines, The Sticker Machines.

The Following Machines Can Have a 25c, 50c (50c is Standard), 75c or 1.00 Coin Mechanism; The Sticker Machines, The Capsule Machines.

The Mechanical Snack & Drink Vending Machines can be price adjusted in 5c, 10c, or 25c increments using coin disk packs that come 10 to a pack for $14.99


Mechanical simply means you insert coin(s) into a mechanism and turn the knob to vend the product.

Electronic means that buttons are pressed to select a vending item, while the money is inserted elsewhere.

Obviously even the MECHANICAL DRINK VENDING machine is still in need of power and plugged in for the refrigeration of the drinks. Yet, it is still a Mechanical Vending Unit.


Capacity is listed on most all of our machines. However please note that product density plays a huge role in how much weight is actually held in a bulk vending machine. Example; M&M’s are small and pack dense and weigh a lot. More pounds of M&M’s would fit in a globe than say an item like Milk Malts which are hollow centered and pack more loosely.

Capacity based on count of 1” items only varies a small amount. Example: More 1” gumballs would fit in a globe than would 1.1” Capsules since the 1.1” items are a little larger each.


This is a good problem to worry about!

Our machines hold more coins in the coin bay than the amount of product that can be held in the vending globe. In essence we are saying the amount of product will be vended fully before having to worry with the machine not being capable of holding all the money.


ALL MACHINES HAVE A FULL 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. The ULTRA VEND & SURE VEND Machines carry a full 5 Years of Manufacturer warranty which even includes theft and vandalism protection.


Orders often will ship in multiple shippings. Please do not worry about us getting your entire order just because the products may arrive separated from the machines.

Vending Business Helpful Vending Information from 123vending.com
Vending Business Information

Friday, March 12, 2004

America's Vending SuperSite, 123vending.com, Inc. transformed the vending machine market bringing customer care and lower prices to consumers. Our commitment is to you. Sales are done fairly. Continued membership in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and SquareTrade.com prove our commitment. We're pleased to hold the HIGHEST Service Award from Yahoo.

Please use our search engine to help you find any of the over 600 vending machines and supplies we carry. Email us or call with anything you need. Thanks again for considering us Your Friends in the Vending Business. Serving vending needs throughout the North American Continent with the best prices and best track record.

Selling more gumball machines, rockets, triple vending units, single cases of gumballs, sticker machines, and capsule machines than anyone else. MANY HEARTFELT THANKS for Making Us The Leaders In Vending Machine Sales and Your Friends In The Vending Machine Business!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

123vending.com Vending Machines SuperSite!
Vending machines for Sale BEST PRICES! Gumball, Candy, Snack, Capsule, Sticker, and Change Machines. Vending Business Info, Gumball Machines, Candy Machines, Capsule Machines, Sticker Machines, Bulk Vending Machines, Snack Machines, Drink Machines. Manufacturers like Seaga, Beaver, Carousel, Ultravends and more. Supplies; Gumballs, Bulk Candy, Stickers, Capsules, Super Bouncy Balls, Nuts, Mints, Gum. Route Business Supplies for Gumball Vending, Candy Vending, Capsule Vending, Sticker Vending and more. Vending Machine Manufacturers Wholesale Volume Pricing. We're Your Friends in the Vending Machine Business. BEST PRICING, BEST SERVICE and BEST TRACK RECORD! Serving the North American Continent

Friday, February 20, 2004

The 123vending.com story... Vending Route to Vending Machines SuperSite

A small vending route evolved into an online auction hobby and later America's Vending SuperSite - 123 vending. We now sell more vending machines and supplies to buyers than any company in the world. We still operate the company vending route.

Selling and shipping manufacturer direct at lower costs to you than could be negotiated individually. There are only a very few true volume wholesale vending distributors. From that small group of vending companies, 123vending.com,Inc. is the one with the best track record of taking care of our customers. Better Business Bureau members, SquareTrade.com members, SafeShoppingNetwork participants and winner of the Highest Awards Yahoo! gives online businesses.

123vending.com is doing many times the business of our competition and we're still keeping a better record than they hold dealing in many fewer transactions. Never any legal actions against our vending company or the officers of our corporation. When other sites are relieved to report they paid fines and signed consent agreements promising to change their business practices--123vending.com can report to you we have paid no fines and received no charges from any agency or individual.

Please be careful when considering a vending route partner as your supplier. At 123vending.com we want to be your friends in the vending business. Thank you for considering 123vending and I hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve your vending machine and supplies needs.


Tommy Lee Funderburke President & CEO 123vending.com, Inc.

"Don't be greedy and take care of people--It's that simple." Tommy Lee Funderburke '01

"2nd time ordering from 123vending.com, great people to work with and received my products from them quickly and well packed." Russ of PA

"Very prompt, high quality products, a great overall buying experience!" Mark of TX

"Nice products,competive prices, wonderful documentation with starter package." Jeremy of NY

"Good service, Pain free. Thats what I like." Daniel of CA

"Everything went very well. Even during the holiday rush I still received my order in a timely manner. I am a happy camper." Ron of AZ

"Thank you very much!! I love the gumball machine =)" Mimi of CA

"You'll get my return business...you can be sure. The machines look great. I placed them this morning at a grocery store. The owner liked the look so much that instead of putting the stand outside next to the sticker machines (of another vendor), she has decided to keep my machines directly inside her store at all times. (She moves the other machines in at night and puts them out in the morning to avoid theft). Thanks for selling such great looking machines! If the machines do well, the owner has told me that I can expand and put more machines. She really believes that the machines will be empty in one week!! I have conservative expectations and have read your estimates for income...however, if the store owner is correct, I will be contacting you soon for more machines." Thelma of CA

"I am sometimes skeptical of making purchases on the internet. You have alleviated my concerns for my vending needs by delivering what you promised, on time and at a fair price. Your friendly service only added to it. Look forward to working w/ you in the near future." Matt of KY

"FAST Shipping! Unreal! Product exceeded my expectations! Thanks!" David of IN

"Super nice to deal with." Brandin of WI

"Easy to work with! Cooperated with my every move! Recommended!" Scott of NM

"You have the most user friendly vending machine site on the web." Cara of MD

"A Pleasure To Do Business With." Bob of CA

"Hello, Everything is here! We received everything...except one machine was missing a 25 Cents decal. Happen to have any extras? We think we have all of the machines placed & actually will need more, if we get the "go ahead" on a couple of places. So, we will probably be placing another order very soon. Thanks so much for your help! We are definitely excited about our "bubble gum adventure" as we like to call it. :o) Ha. Thanks for Checking! -Trish of NC

Follow-Up: Thanks for sending the decals. Better pricing sounds fabulous! You'll definitely have our business with the best pricing & the fastest service. Thanks." Trish of NC


"Great seller, fast shipping, looking forward to future business." Buck of Las Vegas


"Hi Tommy, all is going good. Got the last machine installed on Wednesday. Already have had one customer request putting in another one. So all is good. The locator was great, got along with him real well...Take care and we will stay in touch. Thanks..." Jack & Karen of WA

"Great product and fast response to emails...super fast shipping!" Jeff of NE

"Very Nice, Professional." Arnold of MI

"Great service, great machine. Would buy again!" Amy of TX

"Solid Gold Service!!" Connie of TN

"Smooth transaction, great communication, pleasant to do business with, Thank You." Dee of FL

"Had a problem, fixed it, quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks A+" Shawn of PA

"I received my item in the time they agreed and in good condition. Thanks again." Tony of FL

"I would like to say thank you for the machines I purchased. They are absolutely wonderful!" Brandi of MD


"Timely Delivery Great communication! Would buy from again Thank You!" Attic Treasures of CA

"Excellent transaction!" Carina of CA

"Very professional - Pleasure doing business with you." Tammy of GA

"This Man really cares for his customers. I Give him two thumbs up." Henry of TX

"Quick." Dave of FL

"This machine is awesome! I had 12 dollars in the machine in the first day!!" Lou of PA

"Good Deal." Gus of PA

"Great doing business with, would definitely do business again with them!" Brian of KY

"Shipped immediately and professionally!!!" Marcia of FL

"Great seller, pleasure to buy from, would buy from again! Thanks." Debora of NY

"Cares about customer satisfaction A++++" Ray of NV

"Great Person to work with, can't wait to buy something from him again." Josh of AR

"Very good customer service. Excellent and quick communication." Greg of VA

"Customer satisfaction is #1 with this seller, A+ Thanks Tommy" Neal of SC

"Excellent communication; very honorable." Kirk of NY

"Excellent Service." Scott of ID

"Lightning fast service! A+! Will be looking to purchase from him again." Mary of MS

"VERY FAST!! Excellent to work with and GREAT communication!" Bruce of OH

"Very professional operation,a pleasure doing business with." Lou of NY


"Very quick delivery and very nice guy....highly recommend!!! Thanks! A+" Elaine of NC

"Faster than a speeding bullet. Great communication!" Brad of CT

"Fast Shipp!!!" Shannon of LA

"Thanks again!" Paul of MO

"Great item....thanks" Karen of NC

"Your personal attention made the deal easy!" Bob of WI

Vending Machines 123vending.com, Inc.

123vending.com offers vending machines and vending machine supplies at great prices. Gumball machines, candy machines, snack machines, capsule machines, sticker machines, drink machine and bulk vending supplies. All from a vending machines manufacturers wholesale distributor that is in the Better Business Bureau and a Yahoo Excellent Customer Service Award Winner. Please visit our site Vending Machines SuperSite 123vending.com, Inc.

Vending Machines and the vending business most frequently asked questions:

The most commonly asked questions about our vending machines and vending supplies are answered here...Please scroll down and review for your information...of course you may email or call us anytime...

The margin will vary depending on the product used and exact vended amount, but here are a few rules of thumb:

850 gumballs shipped total cost you $31...once vended that returns $212.50 (we have the lowest online shipped price for a 850 ct 16lb case of gumballs)

A case of average cost candy product costs you $65...once vended that returns $240 (based on an average vend of 1/2 oz per vend and a 30lb case of candy)

300 vending stickers will cost about $50 shipped total to you...once vended that returns $150 (based on a 50c vend, many vend at 75c now)

250 capsules average shipped total to you $36...once vended that returns $112.50 (based on a 50c vend, many vend at 75c or $1 for capsuled toys)

Many will look at these numbers and say let's just vend gumballs--that profit margin is great! However, gumballs typically sell slower than candies or capsuled items and stickers etc...

In many cases we suggest finding a local source for fresh product to vend. Usually they will have limited selection however and not many in stock when you may need the item for your route. When it is best to buy locally--please do, that is just sound business advice. When you need that hot selling item you can't get locally--we are among the very lowest cost product providers.


Only your local authorities can answer these questions accurately. Please do not base a decision based on an online 'vending expert' that gives you tax and local law advice. Your local authorities will steer you in the right direction. No one other than them can extend 100% sound advice.


123vending does not do vending machine locating and we do not sell turnkey packages. We suggest all individuals start with a few machines and locate them yourself. Then, if it is for you--go with a carefully selected locating service.

These locators are provided only as a convenience to our visitors. We endorse no locating service and we receive no funds whatsoever should you choose any of these companies or individuals to work with...

Should you choose a charity organization, again that is your choice and please choose wisely. Make sure charities are registered in your state to conduct fundraising...your state Attorney General's Office or the Secretary of State's Office of your state should have information for you.

Basically, if you use a charity affiliation...you pay nothing to the business location owner...

www.vca.org (Vanished Children's Alliance)







If you need a locator, there are plenty out there but be wise about it. Again, these are for your information only...





YES, all vending products and vending machines come with a warranty. All machines have a full year warranty. The SureVend comes with a full 5 year warranty and includes theft and vandalism protection also. We care about our customers and want your machines working right for you as much as you want them working.


YES, we have a merchant account email for PayPal payments. Just email your order to us at orders@123vending.com and we will invoice you and you can use that invoice to pay by PayPal...we do accept Money Order and Check Payments...the mailing address is

123vending.com, Inc. 3106 Old Camden Road Monroe, NC 28110


The easiest and fastest way to receive a quote or additional information is to e-mail us at mail@123vending.com. E-mail offers a quick turn-around time for responses and has proven to be an excellent media tool for follow up and quotes. When requesting information, please make sure you include your city, state, and zip code to assist us in completing shipping charges, if they apply.


All vending machines come with a full one-year warranty, except the Ultra and Sure Vend vending machines, which come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty plan. 123Vending.com stands behind all products sold from their site and will assist you in any way possible if a problem should arrise.


We ship by the best and most efficient means...sometimes by UPS, sometimes by Fedex, sometimes by Yellow or RoadWay Freight and even DoubleD Trucking...the Post Office comes in handy on some orders...your orders are handled fast and with as little charge to you as possible. Our rates are among the lowest of any online vending machine and supplies company. Email us for an exact quote on shipping...please know the shopping cart figures shipping for you--no extra charge later on for shipping.

WHY BUY FROM 123vending.com?

Our being the only major vending machine website that is a member in good standing with both the Better Business Bureau and SquareTrade helps show our commitment to customer care. Many other reasons include the fact that we are the only high volumn seller of vending machines and supplies that actually takes care of customer needs 7 days a week by email. Monday through Friday 9am til 5pm Eastern Time by phone and in the office. We answer your questions and we process your orders daily. We are efficient and make things right for our customers. We keep your costs down while giving you the best service in the vending business. We own a bulk route and we can help you with most anything you need assistance with in vending.


When you consider purchasing one or more vending machines, you should keep in mind the following: Do you want the vending machine for solely personal use? Do you want a part time or a full time business opportunity? Do you want to involve your family, or bring in one or more employees? Where do you want to place your machine or machines, and what type of product do you want to vend?

There are basically limitless possibilities when it comes to locations for your machines. Where large snack vending machines, small snack vending machines and large soda vending machines may be impractical, single head gumball machines all the way to larger spiral style machines may be a perfect fit. You must keep in mind, though, that while one machine may do great at the hair salon around the corner, the same style machine may not get the same results at the hair salon 2 miles down the road. Diversity in location types can turn out to be very profitable. Examples of some locations include: Apartment Offices, Bowling Alleys, College Dorms, Dry Cleaners, Garages, Hotels, Libraries, Police Stations, Retirement Centers and many, many more.

If you plan to start a vending route, distance between locations can be a factor in the type of profit you make. The more you spend in travel will take away from the money you make on your product. Exceptions should be considered if you know that a location 15 or 20 miles from your starting point is going to empty out your machine every week.

Don’t feel that you have to find locations for you vending machines on your own. There are professional locators who can provide a large number of locations in a short time frame. Finding the locations your self will have its benefits, however. Aside from not having to pay for a professional, you will be the one who decides where your machines will go, you know your area better than a locator, and you will have met the manager or owner of each location personally, which gives you an edge when you actually put your vending machine on their floor.

While location is a very big factor, product also determines your return. For children, products such as gumballs, super balls and capsule toys as well as stickers and tattoos will get you far. Keep in mind, however, that adults also enjoy the quick snack a vending machine provides. There are many popular products geared toward the adult population. Some include: Cashews, Peanuts, Fruit Runts, Hot Tamales, M&M Peanuts, Mike & Ikes, Pistachios and Skittles.

Gumballs, enjoyed by the young and the young at heart, are the most common item thought of for a vending machine and come in a wide variety: basic multi-colored gumballs, gourmet flavored gumballs, 1” gumballs and 5/8” gumballs.

You must make sure that, no matter what type of product you have in your machine, you keep it fresh. If you see product just sitting, switch to a different item, making sure to keep your vending machine out of direct sunlight, especially if carrying chocolate items. Rotating your products not only gives variety, it guarantees freshness.

With the variety of vending machines and products our company has to offer, you can be sure that whether you are considering one machine for your home or office, or multiple machines for your own route, this will be an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

123vending.com vending candy and vending machine basics:

1 year warranty on all our machines.

The 1" Gumball Vending set-up will vend 1" Gumballs, 27mm Superballs, & 1.1" Small Capsules without changing anything in your machine's set-up.

The Candy Vending set-up will vend Candy, Nuts, Gum like Chicles etc... or Petting Zoo / Public Park Animal Feeds without changing anything in your machine's set-up.

All machines come with lock and key included.

All machines come ready to accept U.S. Quarters...other set-up available for custom charge.

123vending.com offers a vast selection of vending machines and products at the lowest cost to you, our valued friends and customers. 123vending.com will see to it that every order is treated as our most important order.

vending faq
123vending.com offers vending machines and vending machine supplies at great prices. Gumball machines, candy machines, snack machines, capsule machines, sticker machines, drink machine and bulk vending supplies. All from a vending machines manufacturers wholesale distributor that is in the Better Business Bureau and a Yahoo Excellent Customer Service Award Winner. Please visit our site Vending Machines SuperSite

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