Monday, May 24, 2004

Note: 1.1" capsules can vend from a standard 1" gumball vending wheel. That same 1" wheel will vend 27mm superballs as well.

To vend 2" capsuled items and 49mm bouncy balls a capsule machine is needed. 2" capsule machines will also vend 45mm vending products.

We offer a great selection of hot vending items for 1.1" and 2" vendors.

Empty vending capsules are available in bulk as well. Please scroll down the page to choose your needed items.

Again, 1.1", 27mm-28mm items will vend from virtually all 1" gumball machines or small toy capsule machines. Once you go above 1.3" or so in diameter you need an actual capsule machine. Commonly referred to as a 2" 123vending.com

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